Okinawa Kenpo DSSI Testimonials/Comments


July 29, 2016

Good evening Kyoshi Devalentino.  The DVDs arrived today.  Truly breathtaking to watch.  I cannot thank you enough.


Tom Gantert
Life Challenge Coach
Ontario, Canada

October 17, 2012

I wanted to thank you again for the extra dvd but most of all for your support in my goals and for your friendship as well! and to let you know I watched all of them within 2 days of having them in hands! They are very comprehensive and informative, thanks again!

Ryan Flanigan

July 9, 2012

Hello Kyoshi,
I just finished watching the last disc (complete Power of Okinawa Kenpo DSSI DVD series) and all i could say is wow!!  This is going to help a lot.  This is going to help me catch up on my training big time.  Thank you so much.

Angelo Torres of Florida

December 06, 2009

Sensei Marcus DeValentino…you are the best….no worries…..still amazes me when I compare you to other instructors I have had before and after you… are head and shoulders the best instructor I have ever had regardless of the subject matter…..Thank you for impacting my life so positively…..

J.A.M. Jackson

August 24, 2009


I looked at your DVDs more man.  Good stuff, it is different from the Kenpo that I do.  "I really like them."  I can't wait untill you get the next series done.

Lawrence Valadez

July 24, 2009

Hi Sir,

Rec'd Dvd's on Thursday - Thank You!  Watched the first 3 already.  Great self defense and I am always looking for new bunkai.  I tell you this because at some point in the future, I would love to host you for a seminar or training sessions.  I'll be in touch.


Steve Heebner
Ryukyu Karate Institute

     March 29, 2009

     Dear Mr. DeValentino,
    Thank you for the DVD's you sent me!   I look forward to learning the lessons on them.   I think you are a very skilled
    martial artist.   I think it will help me in my karate.  The karate style I practice is Okinawan Shorin Ryu. 
    Thank you for being a friend to our family.

    Michael and Zach Hobby (age 9)

April 24, 2007       

   Mr. DeValentino,

       Hello sir,

       Just wished to say hello, hope you had a very good Easter and thank you yet again for your advice. Since last we spoke my control and power
       have practically doubled! yes I'm ecstatic and exited!!! Com sa hani da (domo)

       Your friend in martial art

       K. Kreckel


October 8, 2006

Kyoshi DeValentino

It would be a great honor to have you link my site to yours.  Thank you so much for your support. I would also be honored to have you at my school.  I know that my school will be a success because of the wonderful support system that I have.

It is so fulfilling to realize that I am utilizing the gifts that God gave me to make a difference in the lives of others, as I am sure you are well aware.  

When I started to train with Shihan Rich Pelletier, my whole world opened up.  I don't believe that I could ever express to him, how much of an impact he has had on me.  He and you have showed me my true purpose in life, and I am forever indebted to both of you.  I have much to learn and am so blessed to have such great teachers.

Thank you again for your wonderful words of support and wisdom.

God Bless,

Donna Bouchard (no longer active)


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